CHAPTER 3 Measurement, Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Note the many individual shapes in this building.

An intricate class ceiling. The structure is made up of individual shapes.

We are surrounded by all sorts of geometry. Architects use geometry to design buildings. Artists create vivid images out of colorful geometric shapes. Street signs, automobiles, and product packaging all take advantage of geometric properties. In this chapter, we will begin with learning about two measurement systems used in Canada and then we will explore geometry and  solve problems related to everyday situations.


Calatrava fantasy by Bert Kaufmann is under a CC BY 4.0 Licence.

This chapter has been adapted from the “Introduction” in Chapter 9 of Prealgebra (OpenStax) by Lynn Marecek, MaryAnne Anthony-Smith, and Andrea Honeycutt Mathis, which is under a CC BY 4.0 Licence. Adapted by Izabela Mazur. See the Copyright page for more information.


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