CHAPTER 9 Trigonometry

Riverpole by Vaughn Warren.
Riverpole by Vaughn Warren – Kamloops, BC.

Trigonometry is a part of geometry that takes its origin in the ancient study of the relationship of the sides and angles of a right triangle. “Trigon” from Greek means triangle and “metron” means measure.

Applications of trigonometry are essential to many disciplines like carpentry, engineering, surveying, and astronomy, just to name a few.

How tall is the Riverpole? Do we have to climb the pole to find out? Fortunately, with the knowledge of trigonometry, we can find out the measurements of tall objects without too much hassle.

In this chapter we will explore the basic properties of angles and triangles, and the applications of the Pythagorean Theorem and trigonometric ratios.


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