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Note: Teaching in a Digital Age – Second Edition was published October 2019.

An open textbook is a dynamic project. New developments, such as relevant new publications, can be added, urls go dead and new ones have to be found, and reader feedback in the form of comments to sections of the book get added almost on a daily basis.

Here I will keep track of changes, using 15 April, 2015, when the book was first made available in its ‘final’ form, as the baseline.

  1. 19 April 2015: Podcast for Scenario A added
  2. May 2015: Podcasts added to Chapter 1 on the book’s structure and on skills development, and the order of Sections 3 and 4 of Chapter 1 reversed, following reader feedback.
  3. 16 August 2015: Podcasts added to Chapter 2 on why this chapter is important and on the relationship between epistemology, learning theories and teaching methods added.
  4. 17 August 2015: Podcast added to Chapter 3 on why a chapter on campus-based teaching methods was needed.
  5. 23 August 2015: Podcasts added to Chapter 4, on the relationship between quality, modes of delivery, teaching methods and design and on some of the issues raised in this chapter. Also some editing of the text to clarify the distinction between teaching methods and design models.
  6. 6 October 2015: Podcasts added to Chapter 5, on why there’s a whole chapter on MOOCs, and on a vision for MOOCs in the future.
  7. 6 October 2015: Podcast added to Chapter 6, on the unique contribution of these chapters to media selection and use
  8. 17 May 2016: Culture and learning environments added as Appendix 1, Section A.9. Former Section A.9 now A.10.


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