Appendix C: Editable OpenStax Textbooks

Last update: Mar 29/22

In 2020, OpenStax converted the editable versions for some of their books to Google Documents. These files are restricted to instructors who must create an instructor/educator account with OpenStax in order to gain access. Once this account has been approved, verified instructors must go to the Instructor resources section of  the targeted book where they may request access to the document by section through its Customization Form.

Note: Not all OpenStax books include an editable version. OpenStax editorial team selects which resources to develop based on the needs and demands of a wide range of educators using their textbooks.


While OpenStax textbook content is openly licensed, the OpenStax and OpenStax CNX names, logos, and book covers are not and may not be reproduced without the prior and express written consent of Rice University.

See the Pressbooks Directory for a list of OpenStax books that have been added to Pressbooks.


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