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18 Import a Word Document

Last update: May 4/22


We understand that some authors prefer to work in the familiar environment of a Word document. Other times, when a group of authors is contributing to a book in Pressbooks, it makes sense for each writer to compose in Word and then allow the lead author to import the final drafts into Pressbooks. This approach allows for better control of a book’s content as only one person has control of styling. Finally, there are cases where people may wish to add existing openly-licensed content into Pressbooks from a Word file.

The Word import routine recognizes standard markup language for lists (bullets and numbers), headings, and textboxes. However, the¬†Word import routine built into Pressbooks cannot include all markup language used in a Word document because there’s just too much of it. Formatting and layout created in a Word document that uses proprietary markup language (vs. standard markup language) is unlikely to make it through intact from the Word document into Pressbooks. This includes images added to a Word document using Smart Art.


For more information, see Import from a Word Document in the Pressbooks User Guide.

The below video is from the Pressbooks Video Tutorial Series


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