LaTeX Questions Answered

Section Topics

This section answers both broad and specific questions about LaTeX in Pressbooks including:

  • Where can I learn about LaTeX?
  • What is LaTeX?
  • How do I write a LaTeX expression in Pressbooks?
  • Which LaTeX commands work in Pressbooks?
  • How do I view an expression as it appears in LaTeX markup?
  • What is the difference between MathJax and QuickLaTeX?
  • How do I know if I’m using MathJax or QuickLaTeX?
  • Should LaTeX be used for all expressions, including simple ones?
  • Is there a simple website or application that I can use to test my LaTeX before adding it to Pressbooks?
  • What kind of symbols can I write using LaTeX?
  • How do I cross something out?
  • How do I create an array using LaTeX?
  • How do I make brackets around an expression bigger?
  • How do I write the correlation coefficient?
  • Can I use characters from the Pressbooks special character bank in LaTeX commands?
  • Why won’t my LaTeX render properly in the PDF export of my book when it works fine in the web book?
In this guide, also see LaTeX Support and Math Support.



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