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Last update: Sep 23/21

The H5P plugin allows Pressbooks users to create interactive material, such as quizzes, timelines, drag-and-drop questions, and more. This free and open-source technology was first released in 2013.[1] For more information, visit the H5P website.

For those who chose to use this plugin in a book, be aware that it is not meant to replace a graded or summative test. Instead, H5P activities are most useful for student self-quizzing and encouraging interaction with content.

Once this plugin is activated, two new tabs will be added to the book’s Dashboard menu: the H5P Content tab and the H5P link under the Settings tab.


Settings for H5P range from how the toolbar is controlled to whether to automatically share usage statistics with the H5P developers. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of this page if you make any changes.


The H5P Content tab is where you can create new H5P activities and manage activities that you created previously.


H5P activities are included when a book in Pressbooks is cloned. (See Clone a Book.)

"" For more information, see H5P Interactive Content, Embedded Media & Interactive Content and Using Math in H5P Activities, the Pressbooks User Guide.
Coming soon: The H5P OER Hub.

Issue to Note

Feb 28/20: Attribution for H5P items currently do not come over with the H5P items when a book is cloned. Pressbooks is looking into this problem.

  1. "H5P," Wikipedia, (accessed August 10, 2018).


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