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Creating a Pressbooks Account

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Today we’ll walk through how to set up and log into your own self-serve Pressbooks account.

Just a quick note before we start – the process that we’re covering today is only open to B.C. post-secondary faculty. If you don’t fall into that category but would still like to use Pressbooks, you can set up an account at If you are a B.C. post-secondary faculty member, keep on watching.

We’ll start by going to And once we’re here, we’re going to scroll down and click on the “Create Your Textbook” link. Now once we’re on this page, we need to set up our account information.

So type in a username in this field – I’m just going to call myself ‘bccampustest’. Now you need to use your educational institution email in this email field, otherwise this form won’t process. Set up your password, confirm that password. Select your “affiliated BC institution” – so mine is ‘Simon Fraser University’. And then, if you just want to create your account right away and don’t have a new book to register, select the “register my book later” option and click the “next” button to complete your registration.

You’ll receive an email to activate your account, you’ll click on the link in that email, and then you’ll be able to log in to your account at

But if you do have a new book to register right away, select the “register my book now” option and then click on the “next” button. That will take you to this second page.

Once you’re on this page, you need to choose an address or URL for your book. It will be book name. Be very careful with this, you can’t change this name later. So, I’ll just leave mine as-is. And I’ll call this the ‘BCcampus Test Book’. The language is “English”, and this book will “not be visible to the public”. And then we will click on “create our book”.

Once you do that, you’ve completed your registration. The next step is that you need to activate your account. So we should have received an email. Head over to your email – and there it is. So we’ll open it up and click on the first link in the email. This will activate our account and our book.

And now our account is active. So we can now sign into our account. So click on the “sign in” button on the top-right hand corner of the page. Type in the username and password that you just created for your account.

And there you go! So you’ve now set up your self-serve Pressbooks account, you’ve created your book, and you’ve logged into your account.

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