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Embedding Videos from YouTube


Transcript of video

In this video, we are going to go over the steps needed to embed a video from YouTube into Pressbooks.
First you will need to have the YouTube video ready. For this tutorial, we will use the first Pressbooks video tutorial – How to Create a Self Serve Pressbooks Account.

On the YouTube video page, locate the “Share” tab. In this iteration of the YouTube web interface, the “Share” tab is above the video description box. Click the “Share” tab and you will find a shorten URL of your chosen YouTube video. Highlight the URL by double clicking the link. Then copy the URL by right clicking on the link and select “Copy”.

With the YouTube video link copied, now we can go into Pressbooks and paste the URL into the “Text” view, like so. Click on “Update” to save our work.

Next, right click on “View Chapter” and select “Open Link in New Tab”. Let’s see the results of our work.

You will see that Pressbooks recognizes our link as a YouTube video and displays our YouTube video in a video player. By default, it is aligned to the left. We can change the alignment of the video by going into “Visual” view and “Centre Align” the YouTube video URL.

Once again, we click on “Update” to save our work and go to the other tab. Refresh the tab to see the changes. You’ll see that the YouTube video is now centre aligned.

Not all videos from YouTube can be embedded into Pressbooks. YouTube videos have 3 different privacy settings that only account holders can set. Pressbooks can only embed videos with the privacy settings of “Public” and “Unlisted”. Videos that have the privacy setting of “Private” cannot be embedded into Pressbooks.

So there you go! You now know how to embed a YouTube video into Pressbooks.

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