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36 LaTeX for Formulas

Last update: April 11, 2019


LaTeX is a programming language used for technical and scientific documents, but in small snippets, it can also be used to easily create formulas and equations in Pressbooks. Each character has its own code, and there are functions for common formatting as well.[1]

When should LaTeX be used

A commonly asked questions is: Must LaTeX be used for all equations, even simple ones?

No, LaTeX need not be used for all mathematical expressions. If the numbers, symbols and letters needed for an equation are available on a standard keyboard and can be entered in a clear manner, then LaTeX is not required. Instead, LaTeX can be reserved for complex formulas and equations, including fractions.

"" For more information, see Equations and Formulas: How to Use LaTeX in the Pressbooks User Guide.

Other LaTeX resources

  1. "Equations and Formulas: How to Use LaTeX," Pressbooks Userguide, https://guide.pressbooks.com/chapter/equations-and-formulas/ (accessed July 25, 2018).


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