Adding OpenStax Books to Pressbooks

Why, How Long, and What

BCcampus and the BC Open Textbook Project are currently working on adding all OpenStax open textbooks to Pressbooks in order that Pressbooks and WordPress files may be made available to the larger open community. This section outlines the detailed procedures we follow to make this happen.

OpenStax is fully aware of and has been in consultation with BCcampus about this work.
Others are joining our efforts such as colleagues from the Rebus Community. Thank you to Hugh McGuire for starting and leading this forum.
This process is relatively quick for some OpenStax books (1 month, full-time work). But for books that have formulas, the work takes much more time, several months in fact, because all formulas must be re-entered using LaTeX. The fact that OpenStax books are typically very long adds to the time needed to get the job done. We anticipate it will take 2-4 years to complete the full transfer of their books into Pressbooks if we do this ourselves.

OpenStax Textbooks in Pressbooks

So far, BCcampus has added the following OpenStax books to Pressbooks:
What we do once a book has been completed is to add the following files to that book’s record in our collection:
  • Pressbooks (XML) file
  • WordPress (XML) file
In addition, we make sure we include:
  • a link to the online version provided by OpenStax
  • a link to the online book created by the Pressbooks version we create (it is essentially identical to the OpenStax version with a few necessary formatting adjustments)
  • links to all instructor and student resources provided on the OpenStax website
  • the HTML  and PDF files provided by OpenStax
  • links to both the print on demand option set with by OpenStax and to the print on demand option set up by a university print shop in Vancouver, BC, SFU (Simon Fraser University)

OpenStax Textbooks/Pressbooks – in Progress

The following textbooks are currently being added to Pressbooks by BCcampus and the Rebus Community.

  • Biology – led by Zoe Wade Hyde, this textbook is being added to Pressbooks with help from the Rebus Community
  • Concepts of Biology – led by Zoe Wade Hyde, this textbook is being added to Pressbooks with help from the Rebus Community

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