About the Authors

Primary Adapting Author – William Little, PhD

Dr. William Little

Dr. William Little is an Open Learning Faculty Member at Thompson Rivers University where he has taught on-line courses in sociology since 2011.  Dr. Little’s research interests include  contemporary social theory, media and popular culture, political violence and neofascism, and martial arts studies. His work on neofascism and violence has been published in New German Critique,  the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, and in several edited collections. His work on biopolitics and martial arts has been published in Martial Arts Studies.

Contributing Adapting Author – Ron McGivern

Ron McGivern

Ron McGivern is the senior lecturer in Sociology and Associate Dean of Arts at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia. His work focuses on applied sociology, social marketing, and policy analysis. Mr. McGivern is a champion of open access, open learning, and open scholarship. Most of his courses incorporate free open textbooks or open educational resources in place of published texts. When not “committing sociology”, Mr. McGivern is working on his hobby farm trying to keep up with chickens, ducks, sheep, steers, horses, and grandchildren.


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