List of Links by Chapter

This page contains a list of links to external resources referenced in this book for people. Links are listed by the chapter in which they appear and are listed in the order they appear. Internal links are not included in this list.

Chapter 1 Adult Learner Awareness

Section 1.5 Personal Wellness

Chapter 2 Learning Preferences

Section 2.1 Learning Preferences and Strengths

Section 2.2 Learning Differences and Challenges

Chapter 4 Communication Skills

Section 4.2 Effective Questions

Chapter 5 Study Skills

Section 5.2 Critical Reading Skills

Chapter 6 Test Taking

6.3 Techniques During a Test

Chapter 7 Time Management

Section 7.1 Strategies

Section 7.5 Chapter Review and Activities

Chapter 8 Technology Skills

Section 8.1 Word Processing

Section 8.2 Internet Research

Chapter 9 Research

Section 9.1 Researching Information

Section 9.2 Plagiarism

Section 9.3 Referencing Sources

Chapter 10 Online Learning

Section 10.4 Chapter Review and Activities

Chapter 11 Presentation Skills

Section 11.1 Interpersonal Presentation Skills

Section 11.2 Planning the Presentation

Section 11.4 Delivering the Presentation

Chapter 12 Financial Aid and Funding Options

Section 12.1 Funding Options

Section 12.2 Personal Budget

12.3 Applying for Student Awards

Chapter 13 The BC Transfer Process

13.1 Transferring Between Post-Secondary Institutions

13.2 Transfer Guides


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