Chapter 13 BC Transfer Process


Have you ever thought about transferring from one post-secondary institution to another? Or maybe you’ve thought about returning to school after many years, and you wonder if any of your old courses from your first (or second or third) attempt at college might still work towards something after all these years. Maybe you’re considering starting a program at a college to be close to home for a couple of years and then transfer to a university farther away to finish your program. Or possibly you attained a certificate at one institution and later you want to continue to do a diploma at another institution, and you want to see if your certificate can be used for entry into the diploma program. If you’ve been wondering about any of these things, you will be happy to know that BC has an amazing transfer system. You will love the BC Transfer Guide! Transfer credit is when one institution recognizes education completed at another institution. The BC Transfer Guide shows all the courses which have already been evaluated and approved for transfer. It shows which institutions have agreed to accept the courses on it. If it is in the Guide, you know that it is transferable. You can find the BC Transfer Guide at

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Learning Objectives

In this chapter on the “BC Transfer Process,” students will:

  • Describe the BC transfer process.
  • Describe the articulation process.
  • Define the following terms and describe how they relate to the transfer process: transfer credit, application for transfer credit, letter of permission, course outlines, block transfer, inter-provincial transfer.
  • List reasons post-secondary students would transfer between institutions.
  • Use the BC Transfer Guide.

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