Conclusion: Reach for the Peaks

This book has been a collection of strategies and helpful tips for achieving success as a student. Remember that student success is not just about grades. It’s about reaching goals, keeping healthy in the process, learning life-long skills, making important connections, creating valuable networks, and having rich experiences while you are in school.

You can think of your educational journey like a hike in the mountains. The anticipation of going back to school brings excitement, but can also bring some fear – just like the anticipation of a great hike.

Start by choosing your path. Make an educational plan. Know where you want to go. (Or at least start heading in the right direction.)

Find your path.

Start on your path, even when the end seems a long way off and the details of the route may seem unclear. Starting your educational journey will be the beginning of a great adventure.


Learning is exciting. It brings new challenges and opens up your world. It helps you see things from a different perspective and vantage point.

Seeing things from a different perspective



Enjoy the journey. It’s easy to keep your eyes focused on every step, every bump in the trail, every challenge. Don’t forget to look up! See the spectacular along the way.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey even though the end seems nowhere in sight.
















Go out on a ledge.

Sometimes you need to take risks. It’s worth it to go places that seem a little scary.

You’ll get there. Just take one step at a time!


Reach your goals! Go places you have dreamed of! Be prepared to be amazed!

Key Takeaways

  • Just do it!
  • Invest in your future!
  • Go for your educational dreams!
  • Be the best learner you can be!
  • Be a life-long and life-wide learner!
  • Strive for student success!

Whether you are taking a short certificate or embarking on an educational path that will take years, do it with gusto and be inspired to succeed. When you look back, you will likely find that it was worth more than you ever dreamed.

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