Chapter 2 Learning Preferences

2.4 Chapter Review and Activities

This chapter dealt with the fact that all learners are facing different situations in learning. Some seem to learn easily – immediately grasping new concepts – while others have to work extremely hard to get good grades, and others seem to struggle regardless. This chapter examines the reasons that there are differences in learning, including learner strengths, preferences, challenges, circumstances, or learning disabilities.

Once learners recognize their own strengths and challenges, they can accommodate them by using different strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Using different learning style models such as VARK can help identify your unique style of learning.
  • People have natural learning preferences, affecting how they learn best, such as learning by reading, by listening, by seeing, by doing, and by feeling.
  • Indigenous learners often have their own learning preferences and unique ways of learning. Culture and group associations can impact learning preferences because of practice and familiarity.
  • You can use learning strengths to enhance your study strategies.
  • Students should learn how to use their preferred learning style to their best advantage while also becoming flexible and working to develop other learning styles.
  • There are numerous ways to be “smart”. The traditional book smart model is not the only kind of smart. The Multiple Intelligences model describes 9 different types of smart.
  • Because your learning style preference may not match your instructor’s teaching style, you need to be flexible and work to develop new learning strategies essential for student success.
  • Using a variety of modalities to learn will strengthen learning, understanding, and memory.

Exercise: Learning Experiences

Summarize what you have learned about your own learning preferences and challenges. In light of these, what are some things you can do to make your learning experience more successful?


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