I would like to thank many people without whom I cannot imagine having been able to complete this project:

  • Leanne Caillier-Smith, close colleague and friend, whose support and advice have been constant. Her willingness to adapt her own schedule to fill in for me at work and to give sage counsel throughout is most appreciated.
  • Anita Palmer, Fernie Campus manager, whose support has enabled the juggling of my and other colleagues’ work plans to schedule time to make this book a reality.
  • Joy Brown, Upgrading for Academic and Career Entry (UACE) Department Head, for administering the project;  Heather Jackson, Manager of Communications and Marketing, for providing media pictures; and many College of the Rockies administration and employees who support the concept of open resources and have supported me in this project. A special thanks to employees at the Fernie Campus.
  • The Adult Basic Education (ABE) – Education and Career Planning (EDCP) provincial articulation working committee for BC Council of Admissions and Transfer who supported the project, created the learning outcomes for the Student Success course, and helped with reviewing the textbook.
  • BCcampus, especially Krista Lambert and Josie Gray who provided invaluable support, technical help, (and extensions) throughout the project.
  • Ramona Gliege, who often insisted on providing me with meals, walks, and fresh air when she knew I needed wellness breaks.
  • Kim Hopkins, Maureen Thrun, and Deb Gould-Hawke, long-time friends and encouragers who kept me balanced and who made sure I got out for well-needed hikes, snowshoes, and mountain bike rides to contribute to personal wellness while working head down for long periods of time.
  • Sher Pichler, who made sure I got out for “quick rides” during the thick of the project.
  • Vince Shier, my late husband, whose encouraging voice is always with me.
  • Veronica, Whitney, and Gordon, my amazing children, who modelled for pictures (Veronica), gave design advice (Whitney), illustrated for the text (Gordon), and who also listened to and gave input on various issues. Most importantly, they continually inspire me in a million different ways.


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