Chapter 6 Test Taking


Many students say they are terrible at writing tests. What does it mean to be terrible at writing tests? Does it mean that the student has put effort into studying but has difficulty under pressure? Does it mean that a student studies the wrong material? Is the student prepared but does not execute well? Could the student have a learning disability? Does the student have test anxiety? Is the student missing key strategies for taking tests? It could mean any of these things. But it certainly isn’t something that needs to be permanent. Students willing to work hard and learn can improve their test taking skills and raise their confidence.

Learning Objectives

In this chapter on “Test Taking,” students will:

  • Identify sources and effects of test anxiety.
  • Use effective strategies to manage test anxiety.
  • Use effective techniques leading up to a test.
  • Use effective strategies during a test.
  • Use effective strategies after the test.
  • Identify common types of academic dishonesty and their consequences.
  • List the advantages and demonstrate the importance of academic integrity.


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