Chapter 8 Technology Skills

8.5 Chapter Review and Activities

Key Takeaways

Technology skills are invaluable for your success as a student.

  • Use word processing software  for your assignments and get to know the tools and features of the program so you can utilize maximize efficiency, visual appeal, and function.
  • Use spelling and grammar check tools to make sure your assignments don’t have unnecessary errors.
  • Use synonym finders, online thesauruses, and digital dictionaries to keep your writing expressive and your reading meaningful.
  • Researching information on the internet for your course work requires finding credible sources and up-to-date information.
  • Using electronic bookmarks to create short-cuts to favourite web pages help to organize reference material when researching a topic for an assignment.
  • Libraries are useful places to find information such as online academic journals and databases.
  • Use electronic communication such as messaging, texting, emails, and video chats, noting that different types are better in different situations.
  • Organize your documents into file folders according to courses. Keep them organized so they are easy to locate.
  • Saving documents regularly and backing up documents onto external storage such as USB memory sticks, external hard drives, or cloud services ensures that documents don’t go missing or get inadvertently destroyed.

Exercise: Technology Skills

Choose a topic that interests you. Some suggestions are: student success, technology, the value of education, a career you are interested in, a health topic, a sport or hobby, a political topic, faith, a controversial issue—whatever you like. If you are having trouble choosing a topic, speak to your instructor. Write approximately one page about this topic.

  1. Use a word processing program to write out your assignment.
  2. Use spelling and grammar checks to locate and fix errors.
  3. Research your topic on the internet and use information from credible sources in your paper. Make sure to bookmark your sources on your web browser.
  4. Utilize your school’s library online to find information about your topic.
  5. Save your document into an appropriately labelled folder.
  6. Back up your document to at least one external storage device.
  7. At the end of your paper:
    • Note the sources that you used. Use your bookmarks to go to the sites and copy the links to include here.
    • Note the name of the folder you saved your document in and where it is stored on your computer.

Email or message your assignment to your instructor.


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