Chapter 1 Adult Learner Awareness

1.7 Chapter Review and Activities

In this chapter, you have investigated many aspects impacting adult learning. Keep these factors in mind throughout your education so that you remind yourself to keep things in check. Your action plan should be a summary of things you need to be doing to help you with student success. Add to it as you go through the course and discover other helpful practices. Hopefully this module has inspired you to embrace the idea of adult learning.

Exercise: Adult Learning

  1. Describe the aspects of adult learning from this chapter that impacted you the most. Explain why.
  2. Describe what you expect will be your greatest challenges while you are going to post-secondary school.
  3. What will be your main goals for contributing to your personal wellness during your time in school?
  4. What do you look forward to as you embark on being an adult student?


Key Takeaways

  • Advantages of adult learning include: motivation, flexibility, freedom, choice, maturity, and life experience.
  • Challenges specific to adult learning include: time management, responsibility, balancing work and family, anxiety and fear.
  • Life-long learning is a valiant goal. Continual learning at all ages keeps us sharp, interested, and current.
  • There are numerous student responsibilities that you didn’t have to consider in high school. It is all up to you now to make things happen!
  • Knowing what your values are directly impacts your goals and, in turn, the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of self.
  • Your decision to do post-secondary education will likely change things for those around you. It’s important to consider the impacts your education will have on others and the things you can do to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive ones.
  • Personal wellness includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness, and these are all important to keep strong, to maximize learning and student success. Taking inventory of your strengths and areas to improve can help keep you balanced throughout your educational experience.


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