Chapter 1 Adult Learner Awareness

1.6 Learning Action Plan

To create an action plan, you will take all the information you have gathered in all of the activities in this module, and you’ll put it all together. At the end, you’ll have a realistic plan to help you realize your goal of returning to school. The action plan is the map to the next part of your journey.

What are the benefits of having an action plan?

  • It gives steps to follow to reach your goal.
  • It gives you a timeline to reach your goals.
  • It can help you keep on track.
  • It gives you something that you can keep referring back to.

Creating your action plan is a helpful step towards reaching your goals.

Exercise: Action Plan

When creating your Action Plan you may involve the help of others who may offer helpful suggestions.

Use your word processing program to answer the following three questions. Fill in as much information as you can. You won’t be able to complete the whole thing, but you will have enough information to finalize your plan to incorporate the concepts in this module. Review the exercises you have completed in each section of this module for ideas of things you need to include. Here are the categories to fill out:

  1. What are the things that you need to do now? Include a timeline. For example:
    • Call and make an appointment to meet with an education advisor next Tuesday
    • Attend the scheduled information session Thursday at 3pm
    • Go to high school and get my transcripts on Monday afternoon
    • Start an exercise program this week
  1. What are the upcoming things that you need to do soon? Include a timeline. For example:
    • Register for Biology 12 course in August for September start
    • Apply for Licensed Practical Nurse program by December 15
    • Apply for student loan next May
    • Once accepted into LPN program, apply for scholarships and bursaries
    • Explore daycare options in August, select best options, get added to those wait-lists
  1. What supports can you access during your next steps? Make a list of supports, including both personal and academic supports. For example:
    • My friend Jody said she could watch my kids one day a week.
    • Financial Aid told me about a bursary I can apply for once accepted.
    • My Uncle offered to help me with my book costs.
    • The advisor told me a about a study group I can access once in my program.
    • My friend Krisha told me she can help me learn to make more nutritious meals.
    • I can start going on healthy walks with my friend Satvir.

Make sure your plan meets your needs. Finalize your plan and set out your next steps. Remember, you can always adjust your plan as needed. You may discover other things that need to be added or adjusted.

Your journey is not over — it has just begun!

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