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Chapter 1

  • Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia:
  • Virtual Roadtrip:

Chapter 4

  • Comprehensive catalogue of the world’s volcanoes:
  • USGS Overview of Kilauea Volcanoe’s 2018 eruption[PDF]:

Chapter 5

  • Soil Classification: Soil Orders of Canada:

Chapter 6

  • International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS):

Chapter 8

  • 1700 Juan de Fuca Earthquake:
  • Day Number of the Year Calculator:
  • Foundation for Global Community’s “Walk through Time”:
  • ICS time scale:
  • William Smith Wikipedia page:

Chapter 9

  • Glatzmaier’s Geodynamo website:

Chapter 10

  • Collection of articles on Alfred Wegener:
  • Paper Models of Transform Faults:
  • Time lapse of continental movements:

Chapter 11

  • Moment magnitude calculator:
  • Progress Report: Seismic Mitigation Program (BC Schools):

Chapter 13

  • Alberta’s flood of the century:
  • Geoscape Vancouver:

Chapter 14

  • B.C. Ministry of the Environment observation well website:

Chapter 17

  • Wikipedia “wind wave” site:

Chapter 21

  • Burgess Shale fossil site in 2014:

Appendix 1: List of Geologically Important Elements and the Periodic Table

  • Syngenta Period Table of Elements:


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