Appendix 1: Glossary

Pressbooks Definitions

Anchor:  A device used to link two pieces of content within or between Chapters. An “anchor” icon in the toolbar section above a content page is used to create the link.

Appearance/Themes: A link in the Dashboard where theme options for the book can be changed.

Back Matter: A special kind of Part that typically contains appendices, the author biography, and related information.

Book Info: Where a textbook’s information such as author, description, license and copyright information, are added in preparation for publishing.

Book view: What readers see when a textbook is published in Pressbooks.

Chapter: The term used in Pressbooks to indicate a section within a Part.

Chapter Author: A field found in the “Chapter Metadata” box, used to indicate that a specific author wrote a specific Chapter.

Chapter Metadata: A section at the bottom of each Pressbooks Chapter where information can be changed for a specific Chapter that overrides the overarching information for the textbook as a whole.

Comments: Displays all comments submitted for a book. These are disabled by default.

Copyright Notice: A field on the Book Info page in Pressbooks where license type, copyright holder, and other related information is added. For adaptations, revised and new material is often listed here as well.

Copyright statement: Copyright information that is added to the Copyright Notice field on the Book Info page in Pressbooks.

Dashboard: The left-hand navigation column which lists links to a variety of tools and features in a textbook.

Distraction-free writing mode: Allows work on Pressbook content without the distraction of navigation sidebars, or interface, on the left and right. The interface returns by reclicking the Distraction-free writing mode icon or mousing over the edges of the content box.

Editing view: ??

Exercises (EX button): A textbox used to add exercises or problems as part of a Pressbooks Chapter or section. It should not be used for other purposes due to the metatags attached to this textbox.

Export: The Dashboard function that allows you to export the book into different file formats such as PDF, EPUB, and MOBI

Footnotes (FN button): Allows the creation of footnotes that link to the bottom of a Chapter in Pressbooks

Front Matter: A special kind of part, placed at the beginning of book content, that typically contains content like introductions, dedications, prefaces, and acknowledgements.

Import: The Dashboard function that allows importing of content form other sources such as Word and HTML files.

Key Takeaways (KT button): A textbox used to summarize key points in a Pressbooks Part, Chapter, or section. This textbox can also be used to list key terms or related material. It should not be used for other purposes due to the metatags attached to this textbox.

LaTeX: A programming language specifically built to properly input, format, and display mathematical formulas.

Learning Objectives (LO button): A textbox used to list the learning outcomes for a textbook Part, Chapter, or section, in Pressbooks. This textbox can be used to display related material, but should not be used for other purposes due to the metatags attached to this textbox.

Main Body: The default label given to Parts found in the central portion of a book. These can be relabelled as needed.

Media: A library where imported images, videos, and files are stored for the purpose of embedding or linking in the book. This link is found in the Dashboard; there is also an “Add Media” button above the main content field.

Media Manager: ???

My Catalogue:  Found in the top, red navigation bar, this link displays and allows selection of other books within a Pressbooks account.

Order: This function determines the order in which parts get displayed. The lower the order number, the earlier the Part; the higher the order number, the later the Part.

Parts: Overarching sections in Pressbooks which hold Chapters. A book is made up of Chapters which are sequentially ordered in parts.

PB Textbook: This Dashboard link, provides tools for working with content from other open textbooks.

Permalink: Another name for a Chapter’s URL or web address

Settings: A panel that contains numerous options for privacy, exporting, and displaying formulas with the LaTeX tool. This link is found in the Dashboard.

Special characters button: Reveals a table of special characters that can be inserted into a Pressbooks page

Text: Tool used for adding, editing, and reorganizing content into Parts and Chapters. This tool can also be used to determine which Chapters will be exported, display a title (Show Title), and remain private. This view is also used to make a textbook Private or Public.

Text view: This tab Uses HTML formatting to edit text in the main content field in Pressbooks.

Textboxes: This drop-down tool allows entering content such as asides, exercises, and chapter reviews into special boxes.

Toolbar Toggle: A toggle on the Pressbooks Visual tab that contains more advanced tools, such as textboxes, heading formatting, special characters, footnotes, superscript, subscript

Visual view tab: WYSIWYG way of editing text in Pressbooks. (WYSIWYG is the acronym for “what you see is what you get”.)

Users: A panel that displays who can view and edit a textbook. This link is listed in the Dashboard.

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