Special thanks to those without whom this book would not have been possible:

Thank you to Lauri Aesoph and your team at BCcampus for your patience and attention to detail with our writing and formatting of the content in this book. We are grateful for your time, effort, and expertise in the development and writing of the chapters. All your efforts helped us achieve our goal of preparing students for safer clinical practice. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure a quality and timely production, and thank you for the many helpful comments along our journey.

Thank you to Doug Wiebe (Faculty, BSN program at BCIT) for his photographic expertise and willingness to be photographed. Thank you to Heather Clark (Faculty, BSN program at BCIT) for taking the time to make comments and suggestions, and to critique our chapter on wound care to make it a more useful and relevant tool for our students.‚Äč Thank you to Kathy Rogers (graphic artist at BCIT) for her patience and attention to detail in recreating images to our satisfaction. We are grateful to Cynthia Kent (records and copyright manager at BCIT) for her attention to copyright and licensing. We would also like to thank Sandy del Vecchio (nursing lab technician at BCIT) for her patience in finding and organizing the equipment in our photographs, and her willingness to be the subject of a number of our photographs.

Finally, thank you to our families for their support, encouragement, and patience in our journey through writing this resource, and the unanticipated additional hours and hours of work.


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