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This page provides a record of edits and changes made to this book since its initial publication. Whenever edits or updates are made in the text, we provide a record and description of those changes here. If the change is minor, the version number increases by 0.01. If the edits involve substantial updates, the version number increases to the next full number.

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Version Date Change Details
1.00 August 29, 2019 Book published.
1.01 July 15, 2020 Edits to “MLA Citation Method” in Appendix A. Edits included adding hanging indents to all Works Cited examples, adding a link to the MLA Style Center website, and adding links to two examples of MLA essays with Works Cited pages.
1.02 November 5, 2021 Spelling corrections in William Dempsey Valgardson (1939–) Changed multiple instances of the word “chat” to “that,” along with a few other spelling issues.
1.03 December 7, 2023 Fixing broken links. Checked the entire book for broken links and replaced with alternative sources or archived versions of the page.


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