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14 Further Reading

It is easy to access online many other examples of all of the rhetorical modes of written expression.  It is well worth the effort. We learn by imitating the behaviour or the work of others who are especially adept at the skill we are trying to acquire. Virtually all accomplished writers confirm that they read widely and that the close reading of a written text is instructive and helps them learn how to master their craft.

Online editions of major national newspapers include well-written articles and editorials in all of the rhetorical modes included in this chapter. Current issues are not always free, but back issues often are. Check out the The Globe and Mail and The National Post.

Some magazine articles can also provide student writers with models worth studying and emulating. Maclean’s magazine has a team of writers who cover all manner of topics. Kyle Edwards is Anishinaabe and he writes informative articles on Indigenous issues. John Geddes writes about federal politics. Anne Kingston covers contemporary culture. Shannon Proudfoot writes about public policy and is especially adept at explaining in layman’s terms the content of serious academic studies. To access, go to the Maclean’s website and click on the “Authors” tab.

The Walrus is a great source for fine narrative essays and for articles on arts and culture.

Articles in academic journals can also provide good models for student writers, though the content of academic journals tends to be very specialized and their prose style tends to be more formal than the more moderate style your teachers will expect. Many academic journals are indexed in search engines and digital libraries. Google Scholar is one such search engine. Your school library might subscribe to popular digital libraries such as Academic Search Premier or JSTOR. It is worth browsing through some of the titles on these sources to see if they contain articles that might be of interest to you and help you develop your writing skills.


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