Versioning History

This page lists major changes to this directory with each marked with a 0.01 increase in the version number. Because new information is continuously added to this directory, content updates do not appear on this page. Instead, a “Last update” textbox is posted at the top of each chapter. Additional files (e.g., PDF, ePUB) are provided upon request made to

Version Date Change
1.00 Feb 20, 2018 Directory added to B.C. Open Textbook Collection.
1.01 Nov 14, 2018 Added Canada icons by resources created in Canada, for Canadian curricula.

Removed all links to College Open Textbooks as this open textbook repository is now closed.

1.02 Nov 20, 2018 Added direct links to subjects in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection throughout the directory and added an explanation on the About this Directory page explaining that textbooks in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection are not also posted in the OER by Discipline Directory.
1.03 May 13, 2019 Name changed from OER by Discipline Guide to OER by Discipline Directory to reflect the structure and purpose of the resource and replaced all mentions of “guide” to reflect this change.
1.04 June 28, 2019 Theme changed from McLuhan to Clarke.
1.05 Sept 30, 2020 Added a BC icon (map/flag) beside all resources that were created in British Columbia or target BC audiences.
1.06 Oct 15, 2020 Added OER in Development by Discipline to appendix. Links to projects also provided to each discipline (where applicable) in a shaded textbox at the top of the subject page.
1.07 Oct 28, 2020 Changed “ancillary resources” labels to “supplementary materials” throughout directory.
1.08 Oct 31, 2023 Updated cover image.



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