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Last update: Feb 5/19


What is Open? History and Open Education Resources This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY-ND)

An article describing the creation of an open seminar book for Canadian history survey classes.


CCCOER Helpful Resources (Licences vary)

A collection of resources curated by the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources that cover topics relating to OER including advocacy, open pedagogy, policy, adoption, authoring, accessibility, and more.


Inclusive Learning Design Handbook This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY)

The Floe Inclusive Learning Design Handbook created by the Inclusive Design Research Centre is designed to assist teachers, content creators, Web developers, and others in creating adaptable and personalizable educational resources that can accommodate a diversity of learning preferences and individual needs.


Lorna Campbell’s Slideshare (CC BY)

A collection of 85 presentations and talks created by Lorna Campbell (who has twenty years experience working in education technology and leads the OER Service within Information Services at the University of Edinburgh) about her work in open education technology, policy, and practice.


B.C. Open Textbook Collection: Guides This is a Canadian created resource(Various CC Licences)

A collection of guides relating to open education, including publishing open textbooks, adopting open resources, adapting open resources, using Pressbooks, and setting up print-on-demand services for open textbooks.

An Open Education Reader (CC BY)

A collection of readings on open education with commentary by David Wiley.

Open Textbook Toolkit This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY)

This toolkit is a living document designed to support university and college faculty in Ontario who would like to create their first open textbook. Key sections in this toolkit are organized in an FAQ format and include information related to stakeholders, technology, copyright, accessibility, and more general production and classroom-use workflows of an open textbook.

Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science (CC BY)

An book edited by Rajiv Jhangiani and Robert Biswas-Diener on all topics related to open education and open science. This book shares the stories, motives, insights, and practical tips from global leaders in the open movement.


Innovating with Open Knowledge (CC BY-SA)

A series of resources and case studies created by the University of Edinburgh that will help you develop the knowledge and skills to find and access free content, data and research produced by the university sector.


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Open Education by BCcampus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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