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Case Studies

This is a British Columbia created resource.UBC Open Case Studies (CC BY)

Click on “Forestry” in the top toolbar. These case studies offer a student-centred approach to learning that asks students to identify, explore, and provide solutions to real-world problems by focusing on case-specific examples. This approach simulates real-life practice in sustainability education in that it illuminates the ongoing complexity of the problems being addressed.


This is a British Columbia created resource.Sustainable Forest Management Open Courses (CC BY)

A series of self-directed courses on sustainable forest management (SFM) for the Asian-Pacific region. The courses are intended to enable senior forestry students, young faculty and mid-career professionals to improve their knowledge of SFM flexibly. Specific courses include: Sustainable Forest Management in a Changing World; Forest Governance, Public Relations, and Community Development; International Dialogue on Forestry Issues; Restoration of Degraded Forest Ecosystems and Forest Plantation Development; Sustainable Use of Forest Ecosystem Services; and Forest Resource Management and Protection.


Buds, Branches and Bark: A Guide to Winter ID in the Pacific Northwest This is a British Columbia created resource.(CC BY-NC-SA)

A guidebook for identifying shrubs and trees in the winter. In most guidebooks, leaves are usually the preferred characteristic for identification, as they are plentiful and highly visible. In winter there are still many other traits we can observe, we just need to take the time to look for them and practice developing our “eye” for detail.


Strategic Marketing in the Global Forest Industries (CC BY-NC)

From Oregon State University.

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