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Open Textbooks for Social Work (Various CC licences)

A collection of openly licensed textbook from a variety of publishers and projects about or related to social work.

Supplemental Materials

A Toolkit for Teaching Communication Skills in Social Work (CC BY-NC)

A resource for any instructor who teaches communication skills in either a face-to-face or online environment. It includes five videos demonstrating basic communication skills and a teaching guide for instructors.


This is a Canadian created resourceRural and Northern Social Work Practice: Canadian Perspectives (CC BY)

This book highlights the contextual foundation of social work practice with rural and northern communities by addressing the importance of place using anti-oppressive perspectives. Practice competencies are presented, including an emphasis on trauma- and violence-informed approaches and the importance of addressing the mental wellness of social workers practicing in these communities. The book explores selected areas of social work practice including abuse and intimate partner violence, mental health issues and addictions, newcomers and immigrant populations, older adults, and child protection work.

This is a Canadian created resourceUnderstanding Homelessness in Canada (CC BY-NC-ND)

Have you ever wondered about why homelessness exists in Canada? This book brings together lived experience representation and the most recent research to explore homelessness in Canada, from a range of different perspectives. Readers are challenged to think about homelessness from various academic viewpoints, including the fields of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, Mental Health and Public Health Studies, Population Studies, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences. The authors pose seemingly simple questions and then, through the use of real life scenarios, embedded interview videos, artwork, and interactive activities, demonstrate how the answers are actually rather complex.


Open Social Work (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collaborative project that addresses open education, open access, open science, and the practices that support them.

Open Social Work Education (CC BY-NC-SA)

Open Social Work Education (OSWE) is dedicated to increasing the availability and adoption of OER in social work by publishing open textbooks, conducting OER research, curating resources, and conducting research and advocacy.

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