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Arts Integration in Elementary Curriculum, 2nd Edition (CC BY-NC-SA)

This open textbook explores the topic of various fine arts integrations within elementary curricula. Topics include: Music, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, and Physical Education and Movement.

Astronomy for Educators (CC BY-SA)

This book provides new and accomplished K-12 instructors with concepts and projects for low-cost, high-impact STEM classroom instruction that is built around the National Academies National Research Council’s K-12 Framework for Science Education.

Climate Science for the Classroom (CC BY-NC-SA)

Each chapter focuses on a different current climate change topic, strong emphasis on using data to explore global, regional, and societal issues. An archive of climate-science focused labs and games for middle and high school teachers and their students.  Includes links to blog posts written by graduate student lesson developers that point to expertise from education scientists and K-12 educators that contributed to development of the lessons.


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