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Civilización hispanoamericana (CC BY-NC-SA)

Un recorrido por la historia y cultura de Hispanoamérica, diseñado para estudiantes de la lengua española a nivel intermedio.


Agua Subterránea (CC BY-NC-ND)

A Spanish version of the groundwater hydrology textbook Groundwater by Allan Freeze and John Cherry, which was originally published in 1979.

ECE textbook collection (CC BY)

  • Child Growth and Development
  • Child Family and Community
  • Observation and Assessment
  • Role of Equity and Diversity in ECE

Principios y practicas de la ensenanza infantil (CC BY)

This is the generic early release of the Spanish translation for the Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children OER textbook, Version 1.0. Both the PDF and Word files are provided.

¡Que viva la música!: Repaso de conversación en español (CC BY-NC)

¡Qué viva la música! Repaso de conversación en español, or Long Live Music! Spanish Conversational Review is an open textbook intended for conversational review, typically a fourth-semester Spanish class. The textbook is organized around nine different songs that provide students opportunities to practice, aurally and orally, as well as in writing, the main communicative goals and key grammatical structures learned in previous classes. It can also be used in similar high school classes.


¡A Programar! Una introducción a la programación (CC BY-NC)

A collection of videos providing an introduction to programming.


Math and science videos for high school classes in Spanish.


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