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Ancillary resources

LGBT+ Healthcare 101 (CC BY)

Digital story interviews with LGBT+ volunteers, ‘LGBT+ Healthcare 101’ presentation, and a secondary school resource, created by and for University of Edinburgh medicine students. The resources were created as part of a project to address a lack of awareness and knowledge of LGBT+ health, and of the sensitivities needed to treat LGBT patients as valuable skills for qualifying doctors.

Surgery 101 (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collection of videos and podcasts relating to different topics in surgery.

WISC-Online Medical Terminology (CC BY-NC)

A collection of learning objects and activities relating to medical terminology.

Case studies

Health Case StudiesThis is a Canadian created resource (CC BY-SA)

Health Case Studies is composed of eight separate health case studies that align with the open textbooks Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care and Anatomy and Physiology: OpenStax. Each case study includes the patient narrative or story that models the best practice (at the time of publishing) in healthcare settings.


Cancer Registration & Surveillance Modules (Public domain)

The Cancer Registration & Surveillance modules provide information needed by cancer registry staff and others interested in collecting and recording the most complete and accurate cancer data possible. The modules cover information on: registries and their operations, basic anatomy and medical terminology, cancer tests and treatments, coding and staging standards for cancer registration, and casefinding and follow-up.

JHSPH Open Courseware (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collection of open public health courses and materials.


Edinburgh DataShare: College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine (Licences vary)

A digital repository of research data produced at the University of Edinburgh by the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine.


JHSPH Open Images (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collection of open images organized by subjects relating to public health.

Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine (Various CC licences)

Open-i service of the National Library of Medicine enables search and retrieval of abstracts and images (including charts, graphs, clinical images, etc.) from the open source literature, and biomedical image collections.


Emerging Infectious Diseases (Public domain)

All volumes from the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases published from 1995 to the present.

Environmental Health Perspectives (Public domain)

All volumes from the journal Environmental Health Perspectives published from 1972 to the present.

Preventing Chronic Disease (Public domain)

All volumes from the journal Preventing Chronic Disease published from 2004 to the present.


B.C. Open Textbook Collection: Health RelatedThis is a Canadian created resource (Various CC licences)

See the Health Related category in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection.

Foundations of Epidemiology (CC BY-NC)

A textbook that provides an introduction to to topics and methods of studying human health.

Medical LibreTexts Library (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collection of open textbooks, assignments, and other educational resources relating to topics in medicine.

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