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Last update: May 6/22


Climate Education (CC BY-NC-SA)

This Hub is designed to be a library of educational resources about climate change and intersectional topics. They are available under a copyright license that allows for free sharing and customization – providing more equitable access to students and heavily impacted communities around the world, as well as unlocking the power of educators to add cultural relevancy and local context – ultimately allowing more people to more deeply interact and collaborate with the material and issues we face.

MIT Climate (CC BY-SA)

A collection of posts, podcasts, courses, interviews, and other resources relating to climate and climate change. MIT Climate is MIT’s central portal to all the work happening across MIT on climate change, and a place for worldwide discussion and learning.


Arcticness (CC BY)

Climate change and globalisation are opening up the Arctic for exploitation by the world – or so we are told. But what about the views, interests and needs of the peoples who live in the region? This volume explores the opportunities and limitations in engaging with the Arctic under change, and the Arctic peoples experiencing the changes, socially and physically.

Supplemental Materials

The Sea-Level Story (CC BY-SA)

This resource explores how and why sea levels have varied over the last tens of thousands of years, and the effects this had both at the time and today.


Climate Toolkit: A Resource Manual for Science and Action (CC BY-NC)

A resource manual designed to help the reader navigate the complex and perplexing issue of climate change by providing tools and strategies to explore the underlying science. It contains a collection of activities that make use of readily available on-line resources developed by research groups and public agencies including web-based climate models, climate data archives, interactive atlases, policy papers, and “solution” catalogs.


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