Industrial Engineering

Last update: 03/10/2018


Certified Manufacturing Technologist Program (CC BY)

Course documentation for Mo Manufacturing program, Certified Manufacturing Technologist which includes the classes: Manufacturing Processes, Introduction to Robotics, and Manufacturing Management.

History of Industrial Design (CC BY)

Course materials covering industrial design topics from 1750 to mid-twentieth century in areas including: collaborations between art and industry; mass production; changing patterns of consumption; advances in material processes; the social and/or technological impact of industrial design; the social and/or technological impact of industrial design on various fields including transportation, health care; consumer goods; domestic space, and the workplace.

Materials Handling Technology (CC BY)

Course materials providing an introduction to materials handling technology including modules covering the following topics: introduction to materials handling technology, materials movement, hoisting equipment, industrial robots, and integrated materials handling.


Introduction to Industrial Engineering (CC BY-SA)

An introduction to industrial engineering textbook available online and as a PDF.

Videos and Simulations

Industrial Automation Simulations (CC BY-NC)

A collection of industrial automation simulations and videos available through Wisc-Online by Fox Valley Technical College.


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