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ECE textbook collection (English and Spanish) (CC BY)

Open educational resources in Early Childhood Education


Child Development and Early Childhood Education (CC BY-NC)

From the ASCCC OER Initiative (Academic Senate for California Community Colleges).


Child, Family, and Community – Spring 2021 version (CC BY)

This textbook is a presentation of how and why children grow, develop, and learn including how we change physically over time from conception through adolescence.

EDU 109 – Music for the Young Child (CC BY-NC-SA)

From Hostos Community College, this book takes a holistic approach to the study of music, drawing from diverse fields such as music education, ethnomusicology, sociology, and cognitive sciences. The book takes into account many different perspectives on a child’s development rather than approaching it by focusing on only one subject.

The ELC – An Early Childhood Learning Community at Work (CC BY-NC)
The ELC professional development model was designed to improve the quality of teacher candidates’ Practicum field placements and align teaching in field placements with Learning Standards used in the teacher education program.

Infant and Toddler Education and Care (CC BY-NC-SA)

Introduction to Childhood Studies (CC BY-NC-SA)

Introduction to key concepts in the study of childhood from multidisciplinary perspectives. It examines the historical and socio-cultural constructions of “the child” and childhood, exploring topics such as child development, cultural notions of adolescence, children as social agents, children’s rights and challenges facing children in both local and global contexts.

Introduction to Curriculum for Early Childhood Education (CC BY)

Learn how to effectively plan curriculum for young children.

Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education (CC BY)

A textbook that discusses observation and assessment in the context of early childhood education.

Parenting and Family Diversity Issues (CC BY-NC-SA)

This book has been created for students and all individuals who work with children and families (e.g., educators, parents, caregivers, direct support workers, etc.) in diverse contexts.  It is imperative to understand how and what factors may influence child outcomes across the lifespan. Therefore, key concepts related to parenting, child-rearing, care-giving, and parenting education are outlined in this textbook to provide historical, theoretical, and practical perspectives across vast settings and developmental domains.

Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children – Early Release (CC BY)

The Role of Equity and Diversity on Early Childhood Education (CC BY)

A textbook that discusses equity and diversity in the context of early childhood education.


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