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This is a Canadian created resourceFinancial Management (CC BY)

This collection includes 21 learning modules that can be used to teach courses in introductory and advanced financial management at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a course in business valuations. Each module consists of a detailed reading, presentation slides, learning problems, and answer keys. A number of case studies in areas such as financial statement analysis, financing planning, capital budgeting, and cost of capital are also included along with sample course outlines. Faculty can select whatever modules they feel are needed to achieve the specific learning outcomes for their course


Accounting & Finance (Licences vary)

A collection of open textbooks on topics relating to accounting and finance.

Financial Management for Small Businesses: Financial Statements & Present Value Models (CC BY)

This book is for those whose financial management focus is on small businesses. For you, we adapt the traditional financial management themes emphasized in corporate financial management courses to meet the needs of small businesses.

Financial Strategy for Public Managers (CC BY)

A new generation textbook for financial management in the public sector. It offers a thorough, applied, and concise introduction to the essential financial concepts and analytical tools that today’s effective public servants need to know.

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