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Last update: Dec 13/18

Case studies

Health Case Studies This is a Canadian-created resource(CC BY-SA)

Eight separate health case studies that align with the open textbooks Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care and Anatomy and Physiology: OpenStax.


End-of-life care after stroke (CC BY-NC-SA)

this e-learning module aims to help healthcare professionals have sensitive and effective conversations about end of life care after stroke. Using different case study videos its goal is to improve the care that stroke patients receive at the end of their life and the experiences of their families.


B.C. Open Textbook Collection: NursingThis is a Canadian created resource (Various CC licences)

A collection of open textbooks on various topics in nursing.

Leadership and Influencing Change in Nursing This is a Canadian-created resource(CC BY)

Leadership and Influencing Change in Nursing is designed for a single-semester introduction to the professional nurse’s leadership role as both a care provider and a formal leader. An assortment of authors with diverse nursing leadership roles across Saskatchewan and Canada have contributed to this textbook. These diverse voices are focused on providing student nurses with the foundational tools, techniques, and knowledge required to empower them to meet the leadership challenges found within the incessantly changing Canadian health care environment.


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