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Jim Hebden’s Chemistry Resources This is a Canadian created resource(Freely available but not CC licensed)

A collection of chemistry resources created by a British Columbia high school teacher.

MERLOT Chemistry (Licenses vary)

The MERLOT Chemistry Portal helps people explore all the many resources available for teaching and learning chemistry.

Open Chemistry (CC BY-SA)

Open Chemistry (OpenChem) provides a full curriculum of recorded lectures covering undergraduate chemistry plus selected graduate topics. Through lecture videos and ancillary materials, anyone in the world can effectively sit alongside UCI Irvine students and view complete undergraduate core and elective course lectures delivered by top faculty members.

WikiEducator CHEMISTRY (CC BY-SA)This is a Canadian created resource

A collection of chemistry resources curated by a British Columbia high school teacher.


Biochemistry (CC BY-NC-SA)

Biochemistry is an introductory course, designed for both biology and chemical engineering majors. A consistent theme in this course is the development of a quantitative understanding of the interactions of biological molecules from a structural, thermodynamic, and molecular dynamic point of view. A molecular simulation environment provides the opportunity for you to explore the effect of molecular interactions on the biochemical properties of systems.

Chemistry – Review of Stoichiometry (CC BY-NC-SA)

This is a complete course in chemical stoichiometry, which is a set of tools chemists use to count molecules and determine the amounts of substances consumed and produced by reactions. The course is set in a scenario that shows how stoichiometry calculations are used in real-world situations. The list of topics (see below) is similar to that of a high school chemistry course, although with a greater focus on reactions occurring in solution and on the use of the ideas to design and carry out experiments.


B.C. Open Textbook Collection: Chemistry This is a Canadian created resource(Various CC licences)

A collection of open textbooks relating to various topics in chemistry.

Concept Development Studies in Chemistry (CC BY)

“Concept Development Studies in Chemistry” is an online textbook for an Introductory General Chemistry course. Each module develops a central concept in Chemistry from experimental observations and inductive reasoning. This approach complements an interactive or active learning teaching approach.

Chemistry LibreTexts (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collection of open textbooks, assignments, and other educational resources on chemistry subjects.


Chemistry Videos (CC BY)This is a Canadian created resource

The following three training videos were produced by the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) with an OER Grant from BCcampus Open Education.

  1. pH meter and electro-conductivity (EC) meter training
  2. Ion Chromatography Training
  3. Microwave Digester Training

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