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102 Indigenous Studies

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This is a Canadian created resourceUnderstanding Indigenous Perspectives (CC BY-NC-SA)

This set of learning modules has been created to support and inspire educators and future teachers to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives and an appreciation of how Indigenous knowledge and worldviews can assist all learners in their educational journey. The goal of the modules is to provide an introductory grounding to key issues affecting Indigenous people in Canada as a foundation for further and deeper learning.


This is a Canadian created resourceB.C. Open Textbook Collection: Indigenization (Various CC licences)

See the B.C. Open Textbook Collection’s Indigenization category for various textbooks relating to topics in Indigenizing education.

Free materials (Not openly licenced)

Digital Atlas of Native American Intellectual Traditions (Not openly licensed)

The Digital Atlas of Native American Intellectual Traditions (DANAIT) is an IMLS-funded project to create a space for conversation and collaboration, with the goal of developing a framework for sharing, exploring, and visualizing Native-authored library and archival collections. The project will bring together Native Studies scholars; Native librarians; tribal historians; representatives from libraries with large Native-authored collections; metadata, digital humanities, and user interface specialists; and technologists to expand and improve culturally appropriate access to Native digital collections and to create collaborative digital humanities scholarship that accurately represents Native American intellectual networks.

Indigenous ResourcesThis is a Canadian created resource

A list of publicly available (but not openly licenced) video, audio, and other digital files grouped in relation to specific First Nations or to Many Nations across North America. A General category includes links to curriculum resources, books and articles, and criteria for resource evaluation.

This is a Canadian created resourceInfusing Indigenous Perspectives in K-12 Teaching (Licences vary)

The University of Toronto Library has compiled a list of 50 freely accessible resources regarding Truth and Reconciliation and Indigenous Education for educators across the province of Ontario. These materials are largely created by Indigenous authors and creators, and include films, mobile phone applications, websites, curricula and lesson plans. While these resources are all available online for free, many of them are not under open licences.


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