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69 Indigenous Studies

Last update: 07/11/2018

Free Materials (Not openly licenced)

Digital Atlas of Native American Intellectual Traditions (Not openly licensed)

The Digital Atlas of Native American Intellectual Traditions (DANAIT) is an IMLS-funded project to create a space for conversation and collaboration, with the goal of developing a framework for sharing, exploring, and visualizing Native-authored library and archival collections. The project will bring together Native Studies scholars; Native librarians; tribal historians; representatives from libraries with large Native-authored collections; metadata, digital humanities, and user interface specialists; and technologists to expand and improve culturally appropriate access to Native digital collections and to create collaborative digital humanities scholarship that accurately represents Native American intellectual networks.

Indigenous ResourcesThis is a Canadian created resource

A list of publicly available (but not openly licenced) video, audio, and other digital files grouped in relation to specific First Nations or to Many Nations across North America. A General category includes links to curriculum resources, books and articles, and criteria for resource evaluation.


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