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This is a British Columbia created resource.Reading Texts: An Interactive Workshop (CC BY-NC-SA)

Reading Texts: An Interactive Workshop guides you through a series of videos and exercises to help you read efficiently and purposefully. The workshop as a part of the Academic Skills Workshop series developed by the KPU Learning Centres.

Supplemental Materials

Independent Research Guide (CC BY-NC-SA)

This guide to independent research is intended to help students and scholars who lack institutional support, or anyone who might otherwise be looking for some guidance into how to conduct research. It is aimed primarily at philosophers, although several of the points outlined below may be more broadly applicable. The guide is split into three main sections: Finding academic material, critically engaging with texts, and presenting your research.


Bridges: United States Academia for First-Generation and International College Students (CC BY)

Bridges introduces students to a wide range of concepts, institutions, histories, and artifacts of United States college and university life. After discussing these items in easy-to-scan, concise, nuance-free prose, this textbook then offers useful lists, templates for writing and speaking in different discourses and situations, thought-provoking questions and activities for self-study and for classroom work, and pertinent hyperlinks for further information. Bridges is designed to help first-generation, first-year, English language learners, and/or culturally unfamiliarized students more fully and successfully explore their educational environments.

Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research (CC BY )

Engaging graphics, compelling examples, and easy-to-understand explanations make Choosing and Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research, your most valuable, open access resource for completing research-based writing assignments and projects.

College Success Reading and Learning Objectives (CC BY)

Students first discover what they want from their education, then build a plan to get there. This content takes students through the steps to successfully navigate their journey in higher education. Topics include planning for success, choosing a career path, setting and attaining goals, understanding financial management, developing critical thinking skills, making healthy choices, using effective communication, managing time, developing learning strategies, developing meaningful relationships.

A Different Road to College: A Guide For Transitioning To College For Non-traditional Students (CC BY)

This book is designed to introduce students to the contextual issues of college in the United States. Non-traditional students have an ever-growing presence on college campuses, especially community colleges. This open educational resource is designed to engage students in seeing themselves as college students and understanding the complexity of what that means to their lives.

This is a Canadian created resourceLibrary Skills for 2nd Year Biological Sciences (CC BY)

This tutorial covers the library skills required for students in 200-level Biological Sciences courses with these objectives:

  • Understand the difference between popular and scholarly sources and know the different types of scholarly sources
  • Know how to read a scholarly article
  • Learn how to effectively search for articles and access library material from home
  • Know how to properly cite sources and avoid plagiarism

No Limits: Foundations and Strategies for College Success (CC BY)

This textbook is used in courses that teach new students academic success skills to aid their transition to college. The goal is to help students identify their individual needs, determine what resources are appropriate, recognize the faculty role in their development, and formulate a plan for an actively engaged and enriched experience from campus to career.


In Your Own Words – Avoid Plagiarism (CC BY)

Learn to avoid plagiarism pitfalls in this video co-created by staff and students of the University of Edinburgh.

This is a British Columbia created resource.University Skills Video Series (CC BY)

The KPU Learning Centre’s YouTube channel with video collections on writing skills, time management, reading skills, and critical thinking.als

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