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OpenLearn: Money and Business (Various CC Licences)

A collection of open courses and accompanying resources in the areas of business and money.


Journal of Business Case Studies (CC BY)

The Journal of Business Case Studies (JBCS) welcomes case studies designed for use in business and economics courses and articles related to the use of case studies in the classroom.


Apache OpenOffice Draw (Apache License)

This software provides the tools to communicate with graphics and diagrams with a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm.


Business LibreTexts Library (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collection of open textbooks, assignments, and other educational resources relating to topics in business.

This is a Canadian created resourceBusiness Math I (CC By-NC-SA)

This book is aimed at university business students as an introduction to the mathematics required for the field of business. This textbook covers the fundamentals of business precalculus, finance, as well as the applications to general business management, human resources and the economy, marketing and accounting.

Business Writing Style Guide (CC BY-NC-SA)

The goals of this book are to help students: apply basic concepts for effective and concise business writing; compile a well written report acceptable within a business context; follow a writing process designed for business students; demonstrate critical thinking, reasoning, and persuasion; communicate in writing using a business model; apply resources for improving business writing skills.

This is a Canadian created resourceCustomer Centric Strategy (CC BY-NC-SA)

Customer centricity is about organizational transformation making the customer the focus for business decisions, processes, product development, services, and procedures. Some companies purport to be customer centric but they fall short in connecting this concept throughout all functional areas of the business. While it is important to offer superb customer service, being customer centric is far more than that. It’s about mapping the customer journey to discover customer needs and wants, what’s working and what is not, then taking action to improve the customer experience. Customer loyalty is built through providing exceptional customer experiences. This in turn increases revenues through positive company image, referrals, and increased customer lifetime value. Most organizations today realize that they must focus on the customer to remain competitive.

Fundamentals of Business, 3rd edition (CC BY-NC-SA)

The book covers the following topics in business: Teamwork; economics; ethics; entrepreneurship; business ownership, management, and leadership; organizational structures and operations management; human resources and motivating employees; managing in labor union contexts; marketing and pricing strategy; hospitality and tourism, accounting and finance, and personal finances.

This is a British Columbia created resource.Introduction to Entrepreneurship (CC BY-NC-SA)

Learn about entrepreneurship and what makes entrepreneurs successful, all while developing your entrepreneurial skills.

Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology- 2nd Edition (CC BY-NC-SA)

This textbook is based on the MOOC Responsible Innovation offered by the TU Delft. It provides a framework to reflect on the ethics and risks of new technologies. How can we make sure that innovations do justice to social and ethical values? How can we minimize (unknown) risks? The book explains: The concept and importance of responsible innovation for society; Key ethical concepts and considerations to analyse the risks of new technologies; Different types of innovation (e.g. radical, niche, incremental, frugal); Roadmap for Responsible Innovation by Industry; The concept of Value Sensitive Design (VSD); and it includes a link to all the web lectures as well as case studies ranging from care robots and nuclear energy to Artificial Intelligence and self-driving vehicles.

Workplace Psychology: Issues and Application (CC BY-NC-SA)

A compilation of open content for students of Psychology 104: Workplace Psychology at Chemeketa Community College.

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