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This is a Canadian created resourceВікно у світ бізнесу: ділова українська мова (CC BY-NC-ND)

Електронний підручник для розвитку умінь і навичок ділового та професійного спілкування українською мовою.

Linguist and university professor Alla Nedashkivska’s web-based textbook for advanced business communication is the first of its kind, filling a need for those interested in developing working relationships with companies in Ukraine. Ukrainian for Professional Communication is the perfect principal text for advanced Ukrainian at the third or fourth level of instruction. This open access resource is intended for content-based courses devoted to learning Ukrainian for business and professional communication at universities and colleges, as well as for autodidact entrepreneurs focusing on business, trade, medicine, and construction. Users will develop a working knowledge of the language through intensive oral and written practice, with attention to gaining professional and socio-cultural competence. The web-based textbook features texts with enhanced vocabulary glossing, cultural images, video segments, exercises for individual or in-class learning, interactive exercises for self-assessment, crossword puzzles, vocabulary, index, and appendices.

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