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Ancillary resources

Democracy In Brief – PowerPoint Slides This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY)

PowerPoint slides that provide an introduction to democracy and are designed to accompany Democracy in Brief.

Democracy in Brief – Summary and Questions [Word] This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY)

A summary of Democracy in Brief plus a collection of multiple choice and short answer questions on different topics related to democracy.

This is a Canadian created resourceThe Food Security Quest CC BY

A learning game focused on the topic of food security. The game allows players to step into the life of a fictional character in order to help the character navigate different decisions while trying to stay food secure.

Case studies

UBC Case Studies: Global Climate Justice This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY)

The overall goal of this case study is to stimulate students to try to generate original ways to approach or frame the issue of global climate change that might provide a more productive path forward.


Labour and Value: Rethinking Rethinking Marx’s Theory of Exploitation (CC BY)

In this book Ernesto Screpanti provides a rigorous examination of Marx’s theory of exploitation, one of the cornerstones of Marxist thought. With precision and clarity, he identifies the holes in traditional readings of Marx’s theory before advancing his own original interpretation, drawing on contemporary philosophy and economic theory to provide a refreshingly interdisciplinary exegesis.

This is a Canadian created resourceOn Civic Republicanism: Ancient Lessons of Global Politics (CC BY)

On Civic Republicanism explores the enduring relevance of the ancient concepts of republicanism and civic virtue to modern questions about political engagement and identity. Examining both ancient and early modern conceptions of civic republicanism, the contributors respond to the work of thinkers ranging from Plato and Aristotle to Machiavelli, Montesquieu, and Wollstonecraft.


B.C. Open Textbook Collection: Political Science This is a Canadian created resource(Various CC licences)

A collection of open textbooks on various topics relating to political science.

Basics of American Government (CC BY-SA)

A comprehensive overview of the American political system for students taking introductory courses in American national government. Most of its chapters offer a piece of original scholarship as a case study bolstering the material in the chapter. Additionally, most chapters present a civic engagement-type exercise and discussion questions.

Keys to Understanding the Middle East (CC BY-SA)

This open textbook published by The Ohio State University is intended for readers who have never studied the Middle East, or who would like to improve their knowledge of the region. Chapters focus on the languages, cultural, religious and sectarian communities of the region, and certain turning points in history which are keys for understanding the region.


The Making of the US President (CC BY)

Featuring Professor Frank Cogliano of the School of History, Classics, and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, this series of videos provides an introduction to the main parties and individuals involved in the election of 1796 and the election of 1800.

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