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Last update: Oct 21/21


Fashion History Timeline (CC BY-NC-SA)

An open-access source for fashion history knowledge, featuring objects and artworks from over a hundred museums and libraries that span the globe. The Timeline website offers well-researched, accessibly written entries on specific artworks, garments and films for those interested in fashion and dress history.


Queer Fashion and Style: Stories from the Heartland (CC BY-ND)

This exhibition catalog analyzes the recent history of fashion through a queer lens by examining how queer identities are negotiated in everyday styles by women in the Midwest part of the United States from the late twentieth century to the present.

stitched (CC BY-NC-SA)

Within the fashion, sewing, and textile classrooms it is a challenge to find a textbook on the topic of sewing that covers the range of skills and techniques. Typically to supplement student learning, handouts will be utilized along with in-class, and in-person demos. This OER will enable educators to continually update the resource to meet current student needs, learning outcomes, and reflect best practices within the apparel and fashion industry. It contains details and step-by-step instructions, supported with images, videos, and text.


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