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Living Life with Dementia (CC BY-SA)

In this course, students will work through four units at their own pace: The Person, Living Well with Dementia, the Disease, and Tools. In each unit, there are readings, videos, and activities that students will be asked to participate in to enhance their understanding. At the end of each unit, students are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned.


Dementia: Advances and Treatment (CC BY-NC-ND)

An edited open access book on dementia.

This is a British Columbia created resource.History of Community Mental Health in the Vancouver Area (1973–2000) (CC BY-NC)

For some time I have been wanting to capture the story of the development of the community mental health system in Vancouver. It’s a story of visionary thinkers, administrators, service providers, clients and family members who, together, created a unique, world-renowned system known as the Greater Vancouver Mental Health Service (GVMHS).


Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CC BY)

This book covers diagnosis, treatment, and social implications. The first section describes diagnostic processes. It describes a reevaluation of projective techniques, a new clinical tool in psychotraumatology, the foundations of the framing technique, and an overview on integrative approaches. The second section focuses on new developments in the field with special emphasis on culture-specific contexts. From parenting of adolescents in India to the influence of poverty on mental health issues in Mexico, as well as the use of marijuana and Internet addiction, some of the most important fields are highlighted. The third section concentrates on therapy. It shows how to react to bullying and reviews the use of antidepressants in children and adolescents.

A Long Goodbye: Ed and Mary’s Journey with Lewy Body Dementia (CC BY-NC-ND)

This book, built around Ed’s journal, chronicles Ed’s experiences as a carer following his wife Mary’s diagnosis with Lewy body dementia. Students and experienced health professionals are rarely afforded such an insight into how their words and actions are interpreted by, and impact upon patients, families and friends. Ed’s Story provides information and education resources related to dementia care. Although specifically focusing on Lewy body dementia, the resources are transferable to caring for people with any type of dementia.

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