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Living Life with Dementia (CC BY-SA)

In this course, students will work through four units at their own pace: The Person, Living Well with Dementia, the Disease, and Tools. In each unit, there are readings, videos, and activities that students will be asked to participate in to enhance their understanding. At the end of each unit, students are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned.


Dementia: Advances and Treatment (CC BY-NC-ND)

An edited open access book on dementia.

History of Community Mental Health in the Vancouver Area (1973 – 2000) This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY-NC)

For some time I have been wanting to capture the story of the development of the community mental health system in Vancouver. It’s a story of visionary thinkers, administrators, service providers, clients and family members who, together, created a unique, world-renowned system known as the Greater Vancouver Mental Health Service (GVMHS).


B.C. Open Textbook Collection: Psychiatric/Mental HealthThis is a Canadian created resource (Various CC licences)

A collection of open textbooks relating to mental health.

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