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Last update: July 31/19

Ancillary Resources

LGBT+ Healthcare 101 (CC BY)

Digital story interviews with LGBT+ volunteers, ‘LGBT+ Healthcare 101’ presentation, and a secondary school resource, created by and for University of Edinburgh medicine students. The resources were created as part of a project to address a lack of awareness and knowledge of LGBT+ health, and of the sensitivities needed to treat LGBT patients as valuable skills for qualifying doctors.

The Transgender Archives: Foundations for the Future – 2nd Edition [PDF]This is a Canadian created resource (CC BY-ND)

A document providing an overview of the Transgender Archives housed at the University of Victoria, which encompasses a distinctive range of materials, from organizations’ business records to audio histories, from conference programs to pornography, from medical textbooks to self-published newsletters.


Feeling Gender: A Generational and Psychosocial Approach (CC BY)

This book explores how feelings about gender have changed over three interrelated generations of women and men of different social classes during the twentieth century. The author explores the ways in which generational experiences are connected, what is continued, what triggers gradual or abrupt changes between generations – and between women and men within these generations. The book explores how new feelings of gender gradually change gender norms from within, and how they contribute to the incremental creation of new social practices.​​​

Feminism and the Politics of Childhood (CC BY)

Feminism and the Politics of Childhood offers an innovative and critical exploration of perceived commonalities and conflicts between women and children and, more broadly, between various forms of feminism and the politics of childhood. This unique collection brings into dialogue authors from a range of social science disciplines, activist organisations, and theoretical perspectives. They address topics such as gender, generation and intergeneration, relationality, power, exploitation, solidarity, and emancipation in a variety of situations, including refugee camps, care labour, domestic violence, and childcare and education.

Transgender Identities: Towards a Social Analysis of Gender Diversity (CC BY-NC-ND)

This volume offers vivid accounts of the diversity of living transgender in today’s world. The first section, “Emerging Identities,” maps the ways in which social, cultural, legal and medical developments shape new identities on both an individual and collective level. Rather than simply reflecting social change, these shifts work to actively construct contemporary identities. The second section, “Trans Governance,” examines how law and social policy have responded to contemporary gender shifts. The third section, “Transforming Identity,” explores gender and sexual identity practices within cultural and subcultural spaces. The final section, “Transforming Theory?”, offers a theoretical reflection on the increasing visibility of trans people in today’s society and traces the challenges and the contributions transgender theory has brought to gender theory, queer theory and sociological approaches to identity and citizenship. Featuring contributions from throughout the world, this volume represents the cutting-edge scholarship in transgender studies and will be of interest to scholars and students interested in gender, sexuality, and sociology.


Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY-NC)

The Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony collects and makes available the oral histories of people who presently or at one time identified as same-sex and same-gender attracted women. Materials in the Archives include oral history audio and video recordings, radio and television programs, and associated materials.


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