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67 Gender Studies

Last update: Dec 13/18

Ancillary Resources

LGBT+ Healthcare 101 (CC BY)

Digital story interviews with LGBT+ volunteers, ‘LGBT+ Healthcare 101’ presentation, and a secondary school resource, created by and for University of Edinburgh medicine students. The resources were created as part of a project to address a lack of awareness and knowledge of LGBT+ health, and of the sensitivities needed to treat LGBT patients as valuable skills for qualifying doctors.


The Transgender Archives: Foundations for the Future – 2nd Edition [PDF]This is a Canadian created resource (CC BY-ND)

A document providing an overview of the Transgender Archives housed at the University of Victoria, which encompasses a distinctive range of materials, from organizations’ business records to audio histories, from conference programs to pornography, from medical textbooks to self-published newsletters.


Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony This is a Canadian created resource(CC BY-NC)

The Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony collects and makes available the oral histories of people who presently or at one time identified as same-sex and same-gender attracted women. Materials in the Archives include oral history audio and video recordings, radio and television programs, and associated materials.


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